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I'm looking for information about my paternal ancestors and their descendants in, and around, Kuklík. Specifically the following surnames: Bukáček, Mrkos, Plochek
House #1, #2, #9, #12, and #20.
email: Lenora Musil - lenora@computvl.com - Posted 11 April 2010


My great-great-grandmother, Františka Illková, was born on 1 January 1852 in Kuklík #9 to Antonie Illková. Antonie was the daughter of Tomáš Illek and Viktorie née Peňázová. Antonie Illková married Josef Jun on 22 November 1853 in Sněžné. Františka Illková married Josef Řádek (son of Hynek Řádek and Josefa née Herychová) on 30 January 1876 in Kuklík. Josef & Františka Řádek, and their infant son, Josef, arrived in New York on 14 June 1876 on the steamship Hammonia.
Františka and Josef Řádek settled in Chicago, Illinois. Josef was killed by a train on 2 January 1881. Františka remarried on 9 December 1882 in Chicago to Jan Prokop, who was born in Klinovice, Bohemia. I am descended from this second marriage, by way of Františka & Jan's daughter, Antonie "Tena" (Prokop) Struensee. Františka died on 11 November 1909 in Levis Township, Clark County, Wisconsin and was buried in Chicago in the Bohemian National Cemetery.
email: Kevin Struensee - struensee@hotmail.com - Posted 8 March 2012


My great-grandmother Karolína Chválová was born in Kuklík on 01 January 1867. Her parents František Chvála and Anna Naid moved to Kuklík from Malé Janovice with a son Jan around 1859, settled and had five more children in Kuklík before František died in 1873. Most of the Chvála children also died young. Jan Chvála married Anna Böhmová from nearby Líšná in 1886; Karolína and their mother Anna stayed with Jan and his family in Kuklík at least through 1890. Jan Chvála emigrated to the US sometime around 1892; my great-grandmother Karolína Chválová emigrated the next year with Jan's wife Anna and two of their children, landing at Ellis Island on 12 May 1883. All of the Chválas settled in Boyd County, Nebraska; Karolína (now known mostly as Mary) married Josef Kálal there and lived the rest of her long life on a farm just outside Lynch, Nebraska, where she died in 1955.
House numbers in Kuklík: #32, #49, #53, #54, #71.
email: Jay Osborn - jay.osborn@gmail.com - Posted 24 January 2015


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